Family of Woman Killed By Former Dallas Police Officer Speaks Out

Family upset officer was found not guilty

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The mother of Genevive Dawes sits in shock Thursday night.

"Genevive didn't get the justice she rightfully deserved," Mary Dawes said.

A Dallas County Jury acquitted former Dallas Police Officer Christopher Hess in the shooting death of Genevive.

She said her two granddaughters are now going to miss out on so much from their mom.

"She's never going to get to walk her to her first day of school,” Dawes said.  “Or talk to mom about this boy likes me at school or just things girls do with their mother. That's been taken away from them."

In 2017 Hess was accused of shooting Dawes multiple times killing her.

Police say she was in a stolen car and wouldn't respond to commands to stop.

The former officer did not testify in his defense. His lawyers told the court the shooting was justified because the car was a threat.

When the verdict was read Hess was visibly relieved. His attorneys telling reporters it's proof he made the right decision.

"They have basically torn his life apart based on his decision he made in a few seconds and today he gets to breathe again," defense attorney Messina Madson said.

The family’s attorney, Daryl K. Washington, said this is a big disappointment for their side.

"Everyone had confidence that the system was going to work right and in this case, it did not," Washington said.

Dawes family says their fight isn't over.  They are moving forward with a civil suit to try and gain some justice for Genevive’s death.

"She was a mother of two that were her world just like she was my mine,” her mother said. “So this is not the end.  It's far from the end."

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