DFW Veteran's Family Hopeful Biden-Putin Summit Will Lead to Son's Return

Marine veteran Trevor Reed has been held in a Russian jail for nearly two years

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The case of a North Texas veteran locked up in a Russian jail is expected to come up during the summit between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trevor Reed, 29, is currently serving a nine-year sentence in a Russian jail on alleged charges of a drunken altercation with police.

U.S. officials have called the charges preposterous.

Reed's family said the allegations are bogus and their son is being used as a political pawn by the Russian government.

Reed family

For nearly two years Joey and Paula Reed have been fighting to bring their child home.

"You'd do anything for your kids," said Trevor's mother Paula Reed. "We just want him home. And I think about all the things he's missed while he's been there and I worry how his being there will affect him in the long-term and you just want him home."

Reed family

Reed was pursuing a degree in international studies when he decided to spend summer vacation with his Russian girlfriend in 2019.

Reed family

After getting sick after a night of drinking, instead of going to the hospital, Reed ended up at a Russian police station and ultimately charged with hitting an officer.

"Bogus. Completely bogus," said his father Joey Reed.

A trial ended with Reed sentenced to nine years in jail.

The Reeds believe their son is being targeted by the Russians for the five years he served as a Marine and as a presidential guard at Camp David.

NBC's Keir Simmons brought up the Reed case during an exclusive interview with Vladimir Putin.

The Russian leader called Reed a 'drunk' and 'troublemaker.'

"He doesn't know my son personally and the things he said couldn't be further from the truth," said Paula Reed. "Trevor is a good guy. So it's very discouraging."

Reed family

Despite the comments, the Reeds remain cautiously optimistic the talks between Biden and Putin will lead to their son's eventual release.

Their plea to Americans remain the same.

"Contact all your federal representatives," said Joey Reed. "And say, 'What are you doing to help this veteran get home who's done nothing but having been a veteran visiting Russia?'"

Reed family
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