Family of Jordan Edwards Breaks Their Silence

For weeks the world has waited to hear from the family of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, who was shot and killed by former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver.

Oliver was fired from the police department and now faces a murder charge in the case.

With so much happening so quickly, the Edwards family has remained quiet – until now.

"We wanted to bury him and it be peaceful," mother Charmaine Edwards said. "It's time that we share our story."

This is a family aching for answers and longing for more time with Jordan.

"It's like it's a dream. It seems like a dream," Charmaine Edwards said through tears. "Never would I imagine that 10 minutes from my house, I would be driving by where he was killed."

Jordan was an honor roll student and an all-star athlete. It wasn't always easy for his father, Odell Edwards, to watch him on the field.

"I wasn't sure about him playing football. He's so skinny," Odell Edwards smiled.

On the night of April 29 the protective father received a frantic phone call moments after the shooting.

"[He said] 'Dad! Jordan's been shot. Jordan's been shot in the head,'" Odell Edwards recalled.

On the other end of that call was Jordan's brother, Vidal Allen. He will remember the little things about his little brother like how they would compete in absolutely everything.

"All the way down to eating cereal. Like, who could eat the cereal the fastest," he said, smiling.

Both of Jordan's brothers, Vidal and Kevon Edwards, were in the car with him and saw the incident unfold and their brother get shot. It has hit Kevon hard – possibly the hardest. That youthful spark has faded from his eyes.

"I just can't be home by myself. I'm just scared," he said quietly.

Those young hearts are struggling to understand a young life lost. But, it's not any easier for their parents.

"I wish I could have had a goodbye," Charmaine Edwards said.

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