Memorial Day

Families Stop and Reflect on What Memorial Day Means to Them

People stop to think of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice

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Memorial Day is known as the unofficial start to the summer where families and friends travel to enjoy each other's company, but the freedom to do that comes from the sacrifice made by thousands of men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"We might be out here barbecuing and everything, but I know that freedom is not free and people sacrificed for us to have it and we definitely appreciate them for it," said Mary Brannon who was enjoying a picnic with her family under a pavilion at Flag Pole Hill Park.

"My father was in WWII, I had two brothers in Vietnam, my third brother was in the armed service and so I'm just grateful," said Rochelle Alford who was with Mary. "I’m grateful to everybody serving in the war and protecting us.”

Across the park in an open space, Jacob Weissmann and his group of friends didn't let the rain damper their plans.

"We've got some wind blockers, we got rain blockers for the coal, trying to make sure it gets hot, prepping for the burgers," said Weissmann as he and his friends tried to shield the grill.

They had set up an outdoor picnic for about 20 friends but had to adapt as the on and off showers impacted the get-together.

"We came out and set up everything, I think a little too early. We got excited and set everything out and it got wet, but you know, no big deal," said Daniel Trypaouk.

But even as the group of friends from church took advantage of the holiday, they didn't forget why the day exists.

"In memory of the people who sacrificed for this country and died for us so we can have freedoms like grilling and having a good time," said Weissmann, whose parents both served in the Air Force.

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