Ezekiel Elliott Caught on Video Exposing Woman's Breast in Dallas

People in North Texas and across the country are talking about Dallas Cowboys star player Ezekiel Elliott. And it's not for his moves on the field.

Video has surfaced on the website, TMZ, of the running back partying during the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dallas Saturday.

The video shows Elliott on the roof of a bar standing next to a woman wearing a white tank top.

The woman appears to be motioning to her breasts to the crowd below. Then you see Elliott pull the woman's tank top down on one side, exposing her bare breast. The woman is then seen quickly pulling up her shirt.

In another video that was taken just moments later according to TMZ, it shows Elliott attempting to touch the woman a second time. She is seen slapping his hand away before flashing her cleavage to the crowd below.

TMZ says one of Elliott’s representatives claims it was “all in good fun” and that the “woman wasn’t upset.”

NBC 5 reached out to the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL about the incident.

Both organizations had no comment.

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