‘Everybody Love Everybody': North Texas Man's Message Goes Viral

Everybody love everybody.

It's a simple message for a complicated world, but Chris Bailey believes it's a message worth spreading.

"Why, why am I doing this," Bailey said. "Well, the night the officers were shot in Dallas, I posted on Facebook, 'Everybody love everybody,' and the very first reply I got was it's impossible."

He got off Facebook for a couple of days.

Bailey, from Trophy Club, Texas, says he didn't know what to do following the ambush on officers in Dallas on July 7.

"The next day I was depressed. I'm not that depressed type, but I was depressed," Bailey said. "I was actually crying on the way to my first appointment the next day." 

Friday afternoon he was near downtown Dallas.

"(I) figured I'd do something, figured I could do something the opposite of hate," Bailey said. "Went to the store, bought my poster, made it for $4, went and walked around downtown Dallas where all the streets were blocked off."

A photographer for The Associated Press snapped a photograph of him downtown, and it was pushed to publications around the world.

"I could let everybody forget that the next day or I could do something to keep it going, so I started a Facebook page last Thursday. In four days we've got about 17,000 members," Bailey said.

On the page, Bailey encourages everybody to take action, to share the message with strangers.

"You don't have to do anything amazing," Bailey said. "If we would all just do something simple it would be amazing."

He has been seen with his sign around in Dallas, around Sundance Square in Fort Worth and in Flower Mound, and he says he'll continue to spread the message as his work takes him to different cities across the Metroplex. 

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