Elliott Focused on Football Now that His July Legal Troubles Are Behind Him

Ezekiel Elliott says he learned valuable lessons after being accused of domestic violence.


Ezekiel Elliott said he was innocent from the start, and now he's relieved.

The Columbus, Ohio's attorney office is not pursuing a case stemming an incident in July where a woman accused the Cowboys running back of domestic assault.

Elliott says he learned a lesson from his brief legal troubles.

"I'm a target," said Elliott. "That's what I've realized from all of this, and I have to conduct myself that way so I cannot have any distractions so I can just focus on ball."

"I know I didn't do anything wrong," he went on to say.

The attorney's office in Columbus found the statements of Elliott, the victim and witnesses to be inconsistent.

The rookie's legal troubles may be behind him, but the NFL is still investigating the incident.

Elliott can be punished through the league's personal conduct policy.

His trip to a legal marijuana shop in Seattle prior to a Cowboys preseason game won't help his cause.

"I feel like there has been some damages done, but the past is the past. I'm focused on now," said Elliott.

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