Elections Officials: Double Check Polling Location for Tuesday's Runoffs

As you head out to vote in Tuesday's primary runoffs, local elections officials say it's important to double check your polling place because it may not be your familiar polling place.

Unlike November elections, county elections offices do not oversee primaries and runoffs. That responsibility falls to the county Democratic and Republican parties, which get to decide where their polling locations will be.

  • Check back after 7 p.m. -- NBCDFW.com will have results for dozens of local runoffs.

While the parties typically try to use the same locations that are used in general elections, there can be some differences.

Because there are only a handful of races in Tuesday's runoffs, both political parties in Tarrant County have opted to consolidate their polling locations, meaning there will be fewer of them than there were during the March primaries.

As a result, Tarrant County elections officials say 127,000 voters in their county will have to vote in a different location Tuesday.

Tarrant County residents who are unsure where to vote can verify their polling place by visiting the Tarrant County Elections website.

Once there, click on the button that says "Voter Lookup -- Polling Location for Early Voting and Election Day", then type in your name and select which party's runoff you will be participating in.

"Some locations will have only one party," said Heider Garcia, Tarrant County Elections Administrator. "So it's important that you visit our website and verify your polling place."

In Dallas County and Denton County, voters should go to their party's polling place that's assigned to their specific precinct.

In Collin County, both Democrats and Republicans can go to any polling place and vote.

If you voted in the March primaries, you can only vote in that same party's runoff.

Check back after 7 p.m. -- NBCDFW.com will have results for dozens of local runoffs.

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