Eastland Fire Victims' Faith Untouched Like Bible Found in Rubble

It's in times of despair that people may question their faith, but often all it takes is something small to restore it.

The Ramsey family has spent the last couple of days going through what's left of their house to see what they can keep, they say their faith is what reassures them that everything will be just fine.

They were away visiting a terminally ill relative when they got the news their home was burning.

Not everything was destroyed, "I got some of my pictures, very few of my clothes, I'm going to try washing them and see...if they don't, i can replace them," said Linda Ramsey, one of the homeowners.

Also, one of several bibles in the home remained untouched,"this bible was in a spot that burned nearly everything around it, but this bible wasn't touched, it has no smoke spots, or no burn spots anywhere, it looks like it just came out of the store," said Linda.

The family has been overwhelmed with how the community has been helping them.

"The first day I imagine, we had 75 or 100 people here, it means a lot. You know who's your friend and who's not. Always try to help your neighbor, because it comes back," said Dub Ramsey, Linda's husband.

Their faith, just like the bible found in the rubble, also remains untouched.

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