Early Signs of Spring in Bloom

We are about to wrap up the warmest February on record.

Thursday, a record high of 88 degrees was 26 degrees above normal. While the first day of spring isn't until Mar. 20, signs have already been popping up. You may have noticed the trees starting to green and flowers starting to bloom.

David Finfrock noticed his Redbud tree was blooming. He hasn't seen blooms that early since 1976.

Bluebonnets have already been spotted. An NBC 5 viewer in Waxahachie saw the flower; another viewer spotted trees budding in Fairview.

It is not just North Texas seeing signs of spring. Research from the USGS-led USA National Phenology Network shows that much of the southern half of the US is seeing leaves on trees 22 days earlier than they normally do.

The question that’s been on everyone’s mind is: Does this warm winter mean we will have a scorching hot summer? If history is any guide, then the answer is “probably not.” Meteorologist Brian James dives into the numbers.
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