Dog Killed, 17 Residents Displaced During Fire at Carrollton Apartment Complex

The residents from eight units were displaced during a Carrollton apartment fire that is being investigated as arson

City of Carrollton

A fire at a Carrollton apartment complex on Wednesday killed one dog and left many residents displaced.

According to the City of Carrollton, the fire occurred at 4:30 p.m. at the Saddle Creek Apartments at 3420 Country Square Drive.

The fire damaged four of the apartment units. The 17 residents from eight different units were displaced, including two children.

One person, an adult male with special needs, was transported to Medical Center Plano in stable condition as a precaution, the City of Carrollton said.

The Red Cross and Metrocrest Services, a social services organization, are helping displaced residents. Metrocrest Services gave residents gift cards for toiletries.

The City of Carrollton said the apartment complex is paying for hotel rooms for residents that were displaced and cannot be put into other apartments.

According to the City of Carrollton, the fire is being investigated as arson. The investigation will take days to complete.

One dog died and several others were rescued. Operation kindness, the animal hospital located next to the apartment complex, offered shelter to residents and their pets and provided aid for animals in need of medical treatment.

A witness who works at Operation Kindness said that after noticing smoke coming from the apartment building, she and other staff members tried help residents escaping the flames. The staff invited residents into the animal shelter and handed out blankets.

According to the witness, every animal that was treated at Operation Kindness was reunited with its owner. A dog was discovered inside a crate in an apartment below the fire, and it was taken inside Operation Kindness where it received water, care, and shelter until it was reunited with its owner.

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