DFW’s Roads Are Expensive — For Drivers

According to report, bad roads cost additional DFW drivers twice the national average

Bad roads cost drivers good money.

A new report found that bad roads across Dallas-Fort Worth cost drivers an additional $615, almost twice the national average of $377.

Dallas mechanic Charles Worrall he isn't surprised the costs are high.

"I'm surprised it's not higher than that because the roads around here, they're just terrible. They really are," he said.

The figure covers vehicle deterioration and depreciation, increasing needed maintenance, fuel consumption and tire wear.

"Personally, I've had to replace several parts under my front end just because of the streets that are around here," Worrall said.

Arlene Montgomery, of Arlington, spent nearly $800 to fix her car after hitting a pothole.

"It messed up my front axle, because I hit a hole that was just that deep," she said.

The findings from TRIP, a national transportation research group based in Washington, D.C., conclude that 36 percent of the roads in DFW are in poor condition, the 17th worst in the country.

"Without a significant boost in transportation funding at the federal, state and local level, conditions will continue to deteriorate, drivers will continue to pay the price, and our economy will suffer," according to a statement from Lawrence Olsen, executive vice president of the Texas Good Roads/Transportation Association.

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