Fort Worth

DFW Teen Gets Surprise, Emotional Hospital Visit from Country Star Cody Johnson

For all of the craziness the advancement of social media seems to be responsible for, it's nice to be reminded that it can be a tremendous force for so much that is good and loving in the world. For 19-year old Danielle Gray, a combination of her best friend's love, persistence and social media savvy turned heartbreak into a highlight.

Everything seemed relatively rosy for Gray, who goes by Dani, in mid-June. Though diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was only three months old, the Aledo High School graduate had felt fine as she looked forward to finally seeing her favorite singer Cody Johnson in concert for the first time. Johnson's sold-out Saturday night show at Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth was her latest attempt to catch the singing cowboy. And it wasn't just a simple coincidence, she thought, that just a few weeks ago at the same venue, she and a group of her friends and family participated in the Great Strides walk, a cystic fibrosis fundraiser.

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