DFW Gears Up For Winter Storm

While state and area city road crews prepared to respond to deteroriating road conditions and a Winter Storm Warning, North Texans also prepared themselves.

At Elliot's hardware in Dallas, salesman Henry Long is ready to unload some pipe wrap, ice melt and other homeowner necessities.
"Most everybody who lives here in Dallas knows how it works,” said Long.  "It's hot one day, freezing the next so you have to be prepared."
Areas just outside the metroplex have already experienced some icy conditions.  The Texas Department of Transportation said it would monitor the weather and, if necessary, treat many of the bridges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with anti-icing materials.
TxDOT said the Dallas and Fort Worth districts have stockpiles of chat, a sand-and-salt mixture, and salt-based de-icers prepared for winter conditions.
The Smith family of Saginaw made an urgent Target run Saturday
"Oh it's crazy because it's gone from hot to freezing cold now and it's hard because we weren't prepared," said Kelly Smith who was shopping with her husband and three of their five kids. "And now we're unpacking all the winter clothes and boxes of clothes to get warm."  
The children had already picked out new gloves.  Kelly says last year’s disappeared.
"We've already started digging stuff out of the closets and out of the garage and we found out they grew over the summer time so now we have to replace the stuff they grew out of," said Brian Smith.
We saw sixth-grader Rayven Barnaba model some winter hats with her mother.  She may not be ready yet, but Barnaba said she’s looking forward to what's ahead.
"I like the snow and winter's my favorite season.  I like everything about it," said Barnaba.
Maybe that's because Barnaba is 11-years-old and doesn't have to drive in it.  
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