D/FW Airport Officials Look Into Security Wait Times

Long security line wait times at airports across the country have been an issue for weeks and experts caution it could only get worse during the summer travel months.

Fresh off the Memorial Day weekend holiday, D/FW International Airport's board is set to approve a contract with Dallas-based AT&T to study those wait times, among other concerns.

The airport's finance and audit committee will learn more about the proposal at it's meeting on Tuesday. The full board is scheduled to address the contract on Thursday.

According to board documents, the airport and AT&T are looking at a three-year contract costing $600,012 beginning in June. AT&T will use data from it's airport Wi-Fi network to provide the airport data, in real time, on how people move throughout the airport.

Data will include where people are and how many people there are at the airport per hour, day and week. The data should also provide airport officials with information on how traffic is flowing through the five terminals.

And, perhaps most important to travelers, data on how long it takes people to get through TSA security checkpoints will be provided from the analysis.

It's unclear if the study will provide any immediate reduction in security wait times.

American Airlines told NBC News earlier this year that, during the Spring Break travel season, D/FW Airport had the second most passengers missing flights due to security checkpoint lines.

It's possible the data will allow airport officials to determine when extra staff is needed during peak travel times, which security checkpoints get more use than others, and generally how to improve getting around the airport.

The resolution states that data will remain anonymous from users on the airport WiFi-network.

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