Dez Bryant Challenges YouTuber Jake Paul to a Boxing Match

Looks like Dez Bryant is looking to hang up his football cleats and put on some boxing gloves. The former Cowboys' receiver has just challenged YouTuber Jake Paul to step into the ring and face him.

Jake Paul is the brother of Logan Paul, who just hosted a boxing match versus fellow YouTuber KSI. That match filled Manchester Arena and was streamed live by over 800,000 viewers all who paid $10 to view the event. Bryant tried to congratulate Logan Paul on his success but instead sent a Twitter message to Logan Paul's brother Jake.

It seems Jake Paul didn't like being confused with his brother: [[491973851,C]]

"Dez Bryant don’t want the smoke & no team wants Dez Bryant!! GO BROWNS!!" He tweeted including a screen grab of the exchange with Bryant.

When Bryant was asked about the exchange on twitter he responded tweeting, "I guess he called himself trying to clown..we can get in the boxing ring tho if he want smoke." [[491973931,C]]

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