Developer Sued For Millions, Leaves Behind Unfinished Homes

Investors are suing developer "Serene Country Homes" for over $3 million, alleging fraud and a variety of schemes.

According to attorneys for the investors, the lawsuit involves dozens of homes in Texas including more than a dozen unfinished homes in Fort Worth and Willow Park.

"It's disgusting, right when I ride in through the front it's horrible every day," said Angela Gibson, who said she lives in a Serene Country Home.

Gibson said her fully built home has had a variety of issues but it's the unfinished homes that surround her that are causing the most concern.

"Now I have to worry about squatters, crime, people hanging out in there," she said.

The company's Fort Worth office is closed and locked and the phone number on the front door goes to a voicemail that is currently full.

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