Detroit Police Chief Has Advice for Incoming Dallas Chief Renee Hall

One day after she was named the next chief of the Dallas Police Department, Detroit Deputy Chief Renee Hall was back on the beat, getting her first goodbyes from the city she has served for 18 years.

"They have played such a tremendous role in who I am today and the reason that I'm in a position to be able to come to Dallas. They prepared me," Hall said.

Hall says she will tackle challenges in Dallas, like crime and low police morale, with strategies she learned while working under Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

"I tell you what, she knows you need to create an environment of excitement," Craig said.

The Detroit chief says high morale equals lower crime — officers who feel like they have a voice in their department work harder.

"People ask the question all the time, 'What's working well?' We have cops that are energized and committed," Craig said.

It's a strategy that seems to be working.

While Detroit still has a reputation as a dangerous place, property crime and violent crime have come down there by double digits over the last three years.

Detroit's chief is confident Dallas' new chief will have similar success, but says he has warned her to act quickly.

"And I said you got a short window when you get there, you got to hit the ground and start running fast and she knows," Craig said.

In Detroit, Hall says she also learned the value of talking to the community.

"This is my family, and this is what I do, even on the weekends," she said.

You get better information, she says, when people know you and trust you and acknowledges that could take time.

"I can't tell you any length of time. I think once you come in and you are genuine and intentional about building relationships, my prayer is that the community will feel that and know that," Hall said.

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