Donald Trump

Denton Women's Marchers Send Concerns to Congress

Step one was last Saturday's march, and now participants in Denton say step two is airing their grievances to Congress.

On Thursday participants from Denton's Women's March met at the East Side lounge and wrote postcards to local congressional representatives asking for change.

The group of women and men wrote about several different topics, including many of the women's rights issues that the march in Denton and sister marches across the world last weekend sought to bring to light.

Also popular topics for the letter writers were President Donald Trump's numerous executive actions penned throughout his first week in the White House.

"To see that this is the direction our country is going in, we want to make sure that we're standing up and fighting against things that we don't believe in," said co-organizer Cassie Nguyen.

Nguyen said the national group that lead the Women's March put out a call to action for local chapters to take 10 big actions in 100 days. She hopes the letter writing campaign will continue to further their cause and keep the momentum from the march going.

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