Denton Ice Cream Treats Texans

Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream sold in Central Markets state-wide

It's a modern spin on a classic favorite -- Beth Marie's Ice Cream Parlor in Denton is taking its old-fashioned treats from its shop to your freezer.

The ice cream is guaranteed to satisfy taste buds of all types. The flavors range from ordinary chocolate, vanilla and raspberry to extraordinary candied jalapeno.

"We make Texas Bockbeer, which is a Shiner Bock beer," Beth Marie's co-owner Ken Willis said.

Beth Marie's ice cream comes in more than 100 flavors, and critics say they all have one thing in common.

"It's so yummy," a 3-year-old customer said.

"It's what people remember an ice cream parlor should be or should look like," Willis said. 

He said his classic business proved difficult to keep alive.

"It's very hard to survive on a ticket average of $1.80," Willis said.

So he and the other owners decided to take the ice cream commercial, and he said they haven't had a down year yet.

The local treat can now be found in area convenience stores and Central Market stores statewide, and it's all made in the back room of the original shop on the square.

Willis said the company keeps up with times, while keeping a grip on the past.

"We kind of take it as it comes, try not to over-expand and over-grow. We don't want to lose our concept," he said.

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