Denton County Veteran Honors Fallen Soldiers With Flag Display

Amid the roar of firecrackers on the Fourth of July, there is sense of peace on one Denton County street – and at one particular house.

Larry Patterson's Highland Village home is a tribute this Independence Day.

Twenty-one flags line his front yard, each one with the name of a fallen service member written on the side. Most are from Denton County, killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom or while serving in Afghanistan.

"I cried a tear for every one of these service members," Patterson said. "As I would write their names, I would think about the struggle of their family, the struggle they still have. They won't know that I'm thinking about them, but maybe God will help them through this holiday season."

Patterson served in the Texas Army National Guard for 30 years. He was given the honorary rank of Brigadier General following his retirement.

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