Denton County Resident Captures Storm on Home Video

Storm damages property near Krum

Residents in Krum spent Monday cleaning up after high winds slammed their property Sunday afternoon. The storm damaged homes and destroyed barns and fences near a stretch of South Branch Road.

Tony Marchant captured the storm on his home surveillance video as it blew the roof off his two-story barn.

"I watched the barn blow up and watched part of the barn fly over the house. Part of it laid over right here, part of it went over and wrapped around my van. It was a little exciting for a little bit," Marchant said.

Marchant's barn is in pieces; however, homes down the road also took the beating. Roofs were torn apart and partially torn off of some homes.

"These storms snuck up on a lot of people," Denton County Emergency Services Spokesperson Jamie Moore said. "Looking at this damage, one of the things that's interesting to see is that when we look at the debris from this home and fences, it is all in almost one direction, and that is a good indicator that it was straight line winds or a down burst as a result of a collapsing thunderstorm that we had."

Marchant said the storm lasted 85 seconds; however, it left behinds hours of clean-up work.

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