Travelers Face Delays, Cancellations at DFW Airport

Busy air travel in the days before the Thanksgiving holidays continues to face delays due to winter weather.

Information showed about 180 flight delays and cancellations at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport as of 6:15 a.m. Monday morning.

David Magaña, with DFW Airport Public Affairs, released the following statement,

"Airlines serving DFW have proactively cancelled about 180 departures today, with most cancellations in the morning hours.  Deicing operations are underway this morning and are expected to continue until late morning."

Magaña also said airport crews would continue to monitor the airfield and roads around the airport.

No major delays or cancellations were reported at Dallas Love Field airport.

As always, travelers should check with their airline before heading to the airport to see if their flight is delayed or canceled.

Around 300 Flights Canceled Sunday

"I just want to get home. I have been away six months, " said Udi Lazimy.

Lazimy and many other travelers stood in line to find other flights.  Airlines canceled about 300 flights at DFW International Airport on Sunday.  That's about a third of daily departures. 

"We are delayed and the morning flight got canceled," said Andy Fuentes.

For some people, like Andrew Stranger, a canceled flight means a two day wait. The Airman is trying to meet his squadron.

"Just going to stay out here and sleep for a while, [I] don't sleep well on airplanes," said Stranger.

People got pretty creative passing the time.  Sunday Night Football was a good distraction. Many people worked their phones and booked hotels for Sunday night, then planned to get back to the airport in the morning and try again.  

"If it is something else like mechanical, strike or something they have control over, yes, it annoys me. But when it is weather-related, I don't think there is a whole lot I can do, " said traveler Terry O'Brien.

DFW Airport told NBC 5 that there are some people that will have to spend the night in the terminal, but that many were able to get to hotels because the flights were canceled earlier in the day.

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