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Delayed Flu Vaccine Deliveries Cause Concern

Dallas County Health and Human Services officials are keeping a close watch on flu vaccine inventory

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Dallas County Health and Human Services officials are keeping a close watch on flu vaccine inventory. There is a possible flu shot shortage looming until delayed vaccines arrive.

“We’ve received 5,000 doses that we’ve already scheduled a lot of community events that are scheduled to use up those, so we are still waiting on a shipment that seems to be delayed,” Dallas County Health Director Dr. Philip Huang said. “We are calling every day to find out what’s the status.”

While doctors’ offices and pharmacies are not facing the same issues, the health department vaccines are free and help those in financially challenged areas – areas that are also taking the hardest hit from COVID-19.

“I’m hearing there is another shipment that is supposed to come in mid-October. So, hopefully in a week we’ll get another shipment,” Huang said. “We are also working with the state on some of the state supplied vaccines through the Vaccines for Children Program and Adult Safety Net (Immunization Program). Those should be coming also.”

Huang said there are currently free flu shots available at Ellis Davis Field House and Eastfield College distribution locations.

Tarrant County is also seeing a delay in some vaccines.

“Tarrant County has received its stock of Private Purchase Flu Vaccine and is starting to receive allotments of Flu doses for the state and federal subsidized vaccine programs,” Tarrant County Public Health Spokesman Brian Murnahan said via e-mail. “TCPH is aware that there are some delivery timeline delays from various manufacturers. Currently, we have received limited doses of the high dose flu vaccine and experiencing delays in receiving the rest of the supply of that vaccine.”

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