Daughter of “Casino Sue” Smiles at the Memories

The daughter of the casino trip organizer who was killed when the charter bus overturned on an Irving highway Thursday says her mother made an impression everywhere she went.

Sue Taylor was one of two people killed when the private charter bus headed to Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Okla., crashed on the President George Bush Turnpike.

Her daughter, Pam Boynes, flew in from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Friday morning to be with her younger sister, Marsha Taylor, and begin to deal with the loss of their mother.

"You would call her house and she would say, 'Hi, you have reached Sue, Casino Sue. I am not in right now, but if you're interested, our next trip is,' and she'd give all the details," Boynes said.

Sue Taylor because "Casino Sue" about a decade ago. Her daughters think she made it up, but everyone who went on a bus trip to a casino with her called her that.

In between chartered bus trips to casinos, Taylor would join Boynes and her sister on excursions for just the girls. They were planning on New Orleans next.

"She liked to go," Boynes said. "She was one of those people -- and I take after her -- who says, 'Life is short. Go for all you can while you're here.'"

When asked what her mother was like on bus trips to casinos, Boynes said, "She always bought different games. She always bought lotto tickets. She would have different candies, whatever. They would dress up at Halloween. But she always tied everything in. She'd have something for the worst loser -- you know, some kind of joke when they got back on. They'd have to say who won, who lost."

"I have to go back to the British Virgin Islands," Boynes said. "There's a waitress I have to call now and tell her. My mother was ready to come back. She's never going to die. We got pictures. ... She's famous."

The cause of Thursday's crash remains under investigation.

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