DART Orange Line Expansion Means Changes in Las Colinas

North Irving Transit Center will close, redirect commuters to Orange Line

Dallas Area Rapid Transit's Orange Line expansion into Irving means big changes for many commuters.

Starting Monday, the rail will make three new stops, with its final destination at the Irving Convention Center Station in Las Colinas. The North Irving Transit Center will close and redirect commuters to the new rail line.  Passengers tested the line on Saturday afternoon.

DART built a new pathway underneath Northwest Highway to take commuters from the North Irving Transit Center parking lot to the Orange Line's Convention Center station platform.

DART employees made the rounds around the transit center's parking lot Thursday and left notes about the changes on parked vehicles.

Belinda Williams, of Dallas, said she rides the bus every weekday and does not like the idea of losing a monitored waiting area at that location.

"If it's at night, waiting 30 minutes for a next vehicle -- I'm not saying that it's not safe, but I really don't want to be around unseen elements," she said.

Meanwhile, Sheketia Tave, who said her commute to work takes almost an hour, said she hoped a new route could mean less travel time.

"I hope I can just get on like one train and then get on one bus and ride to work," she said.

Meanwhile, construction of a new apartment complex has begun along Lake Carolyn North, showing signs of further development in the area.

"More residents will beget more rooftops, which means we'll beget more restaurants, more retail, all those things, which make for a great package," said Maura Gast, Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director.

DART staff will be available on-site until Aug. 3 to answer commuters' questions commuters.

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