Fort Worth

Damaged I-30 Bridge to Remain Closed Until Thanksgiving

The Texas Department of Transportation says it could be Thanksgiving before a damaged bridge above Interstate 30 in Fort Worth re-opens.

The driver of a tractor-trailer struck the Cherry Lane overpass in June, and the bridge has been closed ever since.

Nearby businesses say they are suffering the consequences.

"It's killing the business," said Kumar Dhimal, a manager at Wally's Liquors.

Wally's Liquors is one of a half-dozen family-owned stores along a normally busy Cherry Lane.

Since the bridge closed, Dhimal says sales at his store have slowed down drastically.

He says he's seeing an average of about 35 fewer customers every day.

"I want to fix that bridge as soon as possible so we can increase our sales like normal," he said.

TxDOT says the beam the semi driver struck has to be replaced. A new beam is being "constructed and cured" by a company in Elm Mott, near Waco.

The process will take 45 days, a TxDOT spokesperson said, but repairing the bridge will take even more time.

The spokesperson said the bridge should be open by late November.

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