Dalworthington Gardens Council Race Ends in Unofficial Tie

A race for City Council in Dalworthington Gardens ended in an unofficial tie. The two men running for Alderman, Place 2, each received 199 votes in an unofficial count.

Guy Snodgrass is the incumbent, who has been on council for 32 years. “It was a surprise,” said Snodgrass.

Horace Riley is running for the first time. “I didn't know what to think, because I didn't expect a tie,” said Riley.

Riley had already collected his signs Saturday night. They are in a pile in his garage.

“I was ready for this to happen in May. Somebody is going to get sworn in and we will start a new council, and now we are going to be maybe another month before that gets decided,” said Riley.

Guy Snodgrass says the closest it has ever come for him, in all his elections, is about five votes.

“This is a complete example of why everyone should vote, because one vote can make a difference,” said Snodgrass.

The time frame for settling on a winner is up in the air.

The Tarrant County Board of Elections needs to count mail-in ballots, which were due Monday, May 7. If it remains tied, there will be a recount. If after the recount it is still tied, the candidates have two options -- another election or cast lots, like picking a winner from a hat.

Both candidates tell NBC 5 if it comes to that, they want another election.

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