79-Year-Old Dallas Woman Killed in Early Morning House Fire

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A house fire in Dallas turned tragic early Sunday after it killed a 79-year-old woman.

It happened in the Stemmons corridor, on Briarcliff Road near Inwood Road and I-35. Despite efforts by fire crews, a neighbor and the woman's daughter, she was unable to be pulled to safety.

"I'm still numb and in a trance state. I don't think it's kicked in that I'm homeless, and I lost my mom,” said Deralane Davis.

Davis said she woke up around 3:30 Saturday morning when she heard mom, Flo, calling for her from her bedroom.

"I woke up to her screaming, calling for me,” she said.

Davis said the 79-year-old had trouble walking.

"By the time I got to her, she was on the floor. I was pulling her, and it was just too much for her. So I ran to the front door and I opened it because it was just so much smoke, so much smoke,” said Davis.

From the front porch, Davis screamed for help. Neighbor Jeremy Johnson dialed 911 before rushing in.

“I literally just crawled on the floor through the living room, called out to her mom. I heard her call out to me, so I knew someone was in there. But then as I got closer to the hallway, something fell,” said Johnson.

The ceiling had collapsed.

Forced to retreat, Johnson waited with Davis for fire crews to arrive.

By the time they did, Flo was gone.

"They found her in the hallway, coming out of her room where I had left her. She was still calling me while I was out here calling for help. She was still calling me,” said Davis.

Though they've yet to determine a cause, investigators say the fire started in a bedroom before spreading to the attic.

Though the fire spread to a neighbor's home, Dallas Fire and Rescue said it suffered damage only to its exterior siding.

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