Dallas Woman Fights $3,000 Water Bill

A Dallas woman says she had to take on the city of Dallas after receiving a water bill for more than $3,000.

Mary Goodner's lived in her North Dallas home for 19 years and says her bills are usually consistent. A look back at last year's bank statement shows it ranging anywhere from $100 to $500. So when a $3,125 bill arrived in July, she knew something was wrong.

"I thought, are you kidding me?" And so I called and I got the man right before 5 that answered," said Goodner.

Goodner says that clerk told her a new meter had just been installed at her home and that someone with the city would be out to check it within the week.

But a few days later, a blue slip was left on Goodner's door letting her know no leak had been found and sending her back to step one.

A second clerk told Goodner it was her responsibility to check for leaks inside the home.

"Of course, then I was nuts because I thought, 'My God. I have a leak in my house. They're going to drill up my floor," said Goodner.

But according to her, a plumber, pool and sprinkler system tech all told her there was nothing wrong and no reason for her bill to be nearly seven times higher than the last.

Though she has a pool, it would have to be filled several times to reach the 300,000 gallons for which she was billed.

Goodner made a third call, this time reaching a supervisor who extended the bill due date but couldn't change the amount.

"It feels like I'm trapped. It's one thing to have a $3,000 water bill. Is it going to be $3000 every month?" said Goodner.

But after NBC 5 made phone calls to the city on Goodner's behalf, they responded saying a mistake had been made.

Goodner's bill was corrected, and she says she now owes less than $300.

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