Water Main Breaks Flood Home, Close Roads

A pair of water main breaks in Dallas damaged a home, flooded streets and impeded traffic Tuesday morning.

The most recent water main break occurred at Military Creek Parkway and North Prairie Creek Road, where one homeowner told NBC 5 that nearly an inch of water came rushing into her home after the break.

"About 1:30 this morning, my neighbors came and rang the doorbell," said homeowner Monica Hampton. "When I got up, I saw the water and knew there was a problem."

Hampton said water gushed into her her back yard and then into her home through the back door. She said she has only been in her home for three years and dreads finding out how long it will take to clean this mess up.

"No, I wasn’t prepared for this," she said. "This has never happened before, so it’s very shocking, shocking to wake up to this."

Utility crews said the 12-inch pipe that broke and caused the damage was old and had eroded. They said it will take all day to replace the pipe.

Officials said the crew was able to isolate the leak, so no nearby homes or schools went without water.

One lane of southbound Prairie Creek Road will remain closed while the repair is made.

NBC 5 News
A pair of water main breaks flood streets and impede traffic.

The first break happened at about 3 a.m. in a residential area near Britton Drive and Saner Avenue in south central Dallas where water covered two lanes and blocked multiple driveways.

Crews shut off the water at about 4:30 a.m. and had the road reopened to traffic before 7 a.m.

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