Volunteers Heading to Austin for ‘Senior Advocacy Day'

The group of 160 is pushing for stronger laws that protect seniors from physical and financial abuse

Senior volunteers from Dallas on Tuesday are taking a trip to the Texas State Capitol for "Senior Advocacy Day."

The group of 160 is on a mission to push for stronger laws that protect them from physical and financial abuse.

“We want to make sure everyone ages with respect and dignity," said Stacy Malcolmson, the CEO and president of The Senior Source in Dallas. "This day is so important. Our senior population is growing, and we want to make sure all people are protected in every stage of life."

Malcolmson emphasized that older adults are as vulnerable as children. "Seniors are at the oldest stages of their life and do not have a chance to protect themselves," she said. "They are really dependent on others to take care of them, and if we aren’t doing it, I don’t know who else will."

The have five legislative priorities which include:

1. Funding for programs that protect seniors from financial fraud
2. Wage increase for health care providers in nursing homes
3. Increased salaries for adult protective services (ADS)
4. Raising the standard for background checks for workers in nursing homes

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