Dallas Police Warn About Spoofing Phone Call Scam

Suspected phone call scammers appear as a legitimate phone call from the Dallas Police Department

Frank Heinz

A phone call scam is using caller ID spoofing to appear as the Dallas Police Department and demand personal information or money from victims, the Dallas Police Department said Saturday.

According to Dallas police, unknown individuals are spoofing a patrol station's phone number (214-671-4500) so it appears as if the Dallas Police Department is calling.

Then, the suspected scammers may say that he or she is part of a Human Trafficking Investigation and demand personal information, or demand ransoms for the return of a family member, Dallas police said.

The Dallas Police Department said it will never call an individual and ask or demand financial payment of any kind. 

Anyone who receives such a call can report the incident at the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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