Dallas Independent School District

Dallas Police Upgrade iWatch Smartphone App

App has resulted in thousands of tips to police

Dallas Police Chief David Brown, along with members of Safer Dallas Better Dallas (SDBD), announced upgrades to the departments successful iWatch app Thursday.

The app was introduced in 2010 and has already brought in 4,000 tips for the department.

The new upgrades include alert messages, video and photo attachments and the ability to give specific locations.

The police department is also teaming up with the Dallas Independent School District to get the students involved as well.

The upgraded iWatch will have a specific area for school tips.

"I just feel like interacting with 160,000 kids, who already use technology, that already know what is going on in the neighborhoods, will project it beyond what we thought it could do for us,” said Brown.

The iWatch app is free and works on iPhones, Andriods, BlackBerrys and Windows phones.

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