Dallas Police Looking for Link to Plano Burglaries

Plano and Dallas police are working together to figure out if they are dealing with the same so-called “evening burglar.”

His style appears to be getting in through a window, or kicking in a door, and going straight for the jewelry.

Seven homes have been hit in the last couple of weeks in the Midway Meadows/Villas of Midway area of Far North Dallas.

It happened to the Gurley family last Friday.

“It looked like they knew exactly when and where, either they were watching us or they knew us,” said homeowner Bart Gurley.

They left their home for about 90 minutes, and when they returned all their rings and jewelry was gone, including their wedding rings.

“We've been married going 13 years. There's definitely an emotional part of that, something so valuable,” said Gurley.

Their home wasn’t ransacked. In fact, they didn’t notice a burglar was ever there until they noticed the rings were missing. They were usually placed by the bathroom sink.

“It starts to sink in slowly that somebody was here. I immediately started checking under the beds make sure we didn’t walk in on somebody, checking all the closets,” Gurley said.

The thieves may have broken in through a side window. There were holes cut out of the window screen, and the garage light bulbs were unscrewed.

“We're afraid to go to dinner tonight, actually, just making sure we set the alarm,” Gurley said.

Plano police confirm they are working with Dallas detectives to see if this is all the work of the same burglar. They note the style of the break-ins in the Far North Dallas section is very similar to the recent Collin County heists.

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