Dallas Police Department Facing Lawsuit Over In-Custody Death

Ross Family Photo

The Dallas Police Department has been hit with a lawsuit over the in-custody death of a 34-year-old woman.

Diamond Ross died while being processed at the City of Dallas Detention Center in 2018.

In November, DPD admitted that responding officers failed to get Ross medical treatment but neither officer involved faced criminal charges due to her death being ruled an "accidental drug overdose."

Now, Ross' mother, Ethelyn Ross has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Dallas Police Department, the City of Dallas, the Dallas Marshal's Office and Dallas Fire and Rescue.

The lawsuit states that video from inside the detention center "showed a deliberate indifference to her wellbeing and civil rights and indicated a severe lack of training and startling approach to hiring for multiple Dallas law enforcement agencies."

A press release about the lawsuit said the Ross family had been promised a thorough investigation into the criminal liability of the officers involved, going on to add "There has been no intelligible progress made in any investigation up to this point. Diamond's mother, Ethelyn Ross, has taken seeking justice for her daughter into her own hands."

NBC 5 reached out to the Dallas City Attorney's Office, who responded, "The City Attorney’s Office is currently reviewing the lawsuit. This is all the information we have at this time."

Both the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire and Rescue have declined to comment.

Shortly after the video was released, the then newly formed Dallas Community Police Oversight Board voted to take Ross' case as its first major case to look into. They voted to hire an independent investigator to look into Ross' death.

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