Dallas Police Chief Disciplines Two Officers, Terminating One Involved in Prostitution Case

Dallas Chief of Police David Brown disciplined two officers Wednesday, terminating one and suspended another.

Sr. Cpl. Marqueon Skinner was fired from the Dallas Police Department Wednesday after he was arrested in August in a prostitution case.

Skinner told Arlington police that he agreed to pay a woman he met on Craigslist $60 for oral sex and was robbed at gun point while in her bedroom.

Skinner ran from the woman’s apartment naked, leaving behind all of his personal belongings. Skinner had been on the force since Feb. 2004.

Sgt. Ramon Gonzalez was given a 30-day suspension for violating the Emergency Vehicle Policy by bumping into a fleeing vehicle in an effort to force it from the road.

Gonzalez was also not wearing his required body microphone at the time. He has been on the force since Sept. 1991 and is on the Northwest Patrol Division.

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