Dallas Officials Concerned About Connection Between K2, Formaldehyde

Dallas city officials voice concern about the connection between synthetic marijuana and formaldehyde.

Councilmember Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway believes some funeral homes are selling formaldehyde to drug dealers. He also believes dealers are dipping K2 into the chemical.

Formaldehyde is a powerful preservative used to embalm dead bodies. According to DeWayne Hughes, a third generation funeral director, mixing formaldehyde with another other chemical is a dangerous idea.

 “Formaldehyde is not a chemical that you should be inhaling," he said. "It is a known cancer causing agent. It can do a lot of damage to you internally and externally. Somebody who does not have any training, and who is not knowledgeable, should not be messing with formaldehyde."

The Dallas Police Department's effort to dismantle K2 drug operations will take a multi-faceted action plan. The distribution and consumption of synthetic cannabinoids is spreading at an alarming pace. While officers track down dealers, city leaders are focused on the chemicals being mixed in with K2.

Council Member Caraway would also like to track the smoke shops within his district.

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