Dallas Love Field Plans New Parking Garage

Dallas city leaders Wednesday approved plans to build a new 4,000 space parking garage at Dallas Love Field.

The airport has already reached passenger traffic levels that were expected years from now after the end of long haul flight restrictions at the airport last year and passengers who’ve used the airport for years are confronting a new parking challenge.

“I’m now having to circle and circle and circle, and I’ve had to park off site now because of it,” said traveler Jeff Rees.

State Senator Royce West, D-Dallas, said he has noticed the change.

“I’m in and out of here going back and forth to Austin all the time and so it’s hard. If you don’t get here early in the morning, it’s going to be very difficult to park,” West said.

The new garage is planned beside the new Love Field terminal.

The program approved Wednesday would complete the garage in about two years, much faster than normal city construction.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said the city traffic forecast for the airport was clearly wrong but building a parking structure prematurely would have been a mistake, too.

“No one wants to spend money on parking, on capital and it sits empty,” he said. “So we could be sitting in a situation that’s different. Consumers might not have picked up on it and we’d have spent a lot of money.”

The current plan allocates $8 million for planning, design and demolition to make way for the new garage. The actual construction cost is not yet known.

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