Dallas Homicides Happening All Over the City

Police data shows murders are occurring in neighborhoods all over Dallas

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As Dallas approaches 200 homicides for 2019, mapping the murders show they have occurred all around the city.

The website themap.net has plotted the cases using address data from Dallas Police.

“There are clusters, but I think the main thing to pull out of it is, it's kind of everywhere, which is a little bit surprising,” said site owner, Robert Mundinger.

Using the same data from the police department, NBC 5 plotted our own map below.

Source: Dallas Police Department
Of the 197 murders police have counted so far in 2019, only 188 were in the data received by police and only 164 of them were able to be mapped.

The latest data from the Dallas Police Department shows more of the homicide cases in the South Central police patrol district compared with the seven other districts.

A burned body, found Tuesday near Interstate 45, was in the South Central District. Two of the South Central murders occurred near Glenda Ransom’s home on Bonnie View Road.

Ransom was not surprised to hear that more murders happen in her area.

She said she calls the city to report all the crime issues in her neighborhood but support from police is hard to get and more neighbors should join together.

“You have to actually call for more beefed up security. We lost our Family Dollar here. They couldn’t stay open because they got robbed so much,” she said.

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