Dallas Funeral Home Sued Over Back Taxes After Receiving Taxpayer Grants

Business received $115,000 in city grants yet owes $21,116 in taxes

An Oak Cliff funeral home that received $115,000 in taxpayer grants two years ago is in trouble for not paying its taxes.

The Thrash Memorial Funeral Home, 4830 South Lancaster Road, is named in a lawsuit by Dallas County that claims the business has not paid $21,166 in taxes since 2012, about the same time the business received the grants.

The owners of the funeral home declined to comment.

Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway, who supported the 2012 grants, said he stands by his decision and that at the time the funeral home was one of the few nice buildings in a neighborhood that had been overrun with crime.

"My vision has been to clean up the Lancaster corridor, get rid of the drug houses, the drug havens,” Caraway said.

The grants were for $50,000 and another for $65,000 to move into a new building and buy a parking lot.

Caraway said he was not aware of the funeral home’s tax issues.

"The building looks good," he said. "What’s happening on the inside, I don’t know." 

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