Dallas County DA Announces Arrest in Cold Case

Police arrested George Guo for the 1988 assault of Dr. Katherine Bascone

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson announced that a cold case from 30 years ago has been solved.

George Guo, now 56, was arrested on capital murder charges for the June 1988 sexual assault and attack of 28-year-old Dr. Katherine Bascone in Highland Park.

Bascone survived the attack, but suffered an anoxic brain injury which left her blind, unable to control her extremities, confined to bed and in need of rehabilitation.

She died Feb. 22, 2018 died as a result of her injuries sustained in the attack. Her death was ruled a homicide 

Guo, a graduate of UT Southwestern Medical School and a former medical doctor, had relocated to the Houston area. Harris County officers arrested Guo without incident.

Guo has already done jail time for a separate crime. In 1999, in Meadows Place, Texas he was caught breaking into a home where a juvenile female lived with the intent to commit sexual assault. He was convicted and served 14 years for that crime. He was released in 2013.

Police will transport Guo back to Dallas County where he will stand trial. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole and is eligible for the death penalty.

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