Dallas Company Grows Cold-Pressed Juice Business

It is the juice with the cool name and even colder reciepe.

Dallas-based Buda Juice is determined to expand their reach in the growing cold-pressed juice market.

Owner Horatio Londsdale-Hands co-founded the company a few years ago. He wanted a healthy, eco-friendly option in a state dominated by steak and Tex-Mex.

"We can go out tonight and have a glass of wine and a nice steak dinner, but instead of having a big breakfast, have a Buda juice. We call it balance in a bottle," said Londsdale-Hands.

Their process starts with crates of certified organic produce. It's sorted, cleaned, then pressed to squeeze out the juice and the entire process happens inside their facility kept at a temperature of 35 degrees.

"It keeps everything fresh. All the enzymes and the nutrients of the juice to maximize the health benefits," said Lonsdale-Hands.

Juices are then mixed for a days worth of veggies-on-the-go.

The price for a bottle can cost around the price of a meal out.

A 16 ounce bottle costs $11. A 12 ounce bottle can cost around $7.

The company has opened 21 stores across Texas and just started shipping their juice nationwide.

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