Dallas Brothers Launch Business To Prevent ‘Porch Pirates'

The owners of a North Texas business hope they've found a solution to thieves stealing packages off porches. 

Dallas brothers Marc and Andrew Pimentel had always wanted to start their own business, but it wasn’t until one of them had packages stolen off their porch that the idea of Snaparcel was born. 

“We decided, ‘Hey there’s got to be a better way to do this,'” Marc Pimentel said.

The brothers started an on-demand delivery service that catered to people who shop online.

Instead of shipping online orders to your home, you ship the items to Snaparcel. The company sets up a time to deliver your purchase that’s convenient to your schedule. Customers can pay $3.99 for a one-time service or pay up to $139 for a yearly service.

The brothers said many of their customers have been victims of people stealing their packages in the past.

“It’s a horrible feeling. They come home and they’re waiting on a package and it’s not there,” Marc Pimentel said. “With us, you know exactly when we’re coming. You know when to accept the package so it’s really at the customers convenience.”

The brothers launched their start-up in October. They operate out of a small office in Dallas, but hope as their customer base grows they’ll be able to expand their business to other regions in Texas.

Online: www.snaparcel.com

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