Dallas' $4.4B Proposed Budget Would Add 250 Officers, Provide City Worker Raises

Public safety initiatives will get a chunk a year after the City Council cut the Dallas police overtime budget, which led to discord among the elected body

NBC 5 News

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax unveiled a proposed $4.35 billion budget for the next fiscal year on Saturday, saying he believes it will address issues in delivery of basic services and tackle long-term problems facing residents.

It also includes plans to add 250 more Dallas police officers starting in the fall.

Boosted by Dallas getting millions more in property and sales tax revenue than anticipated, Broadnax’s suggested budget features increased spending across multiple city departments.

His proposal is also up from the $3.85 billion plan adopted last September.

Read more about the proposed budget from NBC5's media partner The Dallas Morning News.

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