Cyclists Say Biking Is Money for Local Economy

Denton bike group says bicyclists shop at local businesses close to home

A Denton bike advocacy group says ditching cars for bicycles would spin millions of dollars into the hands of local businesses.

Bicyclists stay close to home, the Denton Bicycle Center said.

"You are not going to go 35 miles to buy something if you are going to do it on a bike or on foot," said Steve Scaggs, a mechanic at the center.

Cyclist Mark Firmery agreed, saying bike use keeps people local.

"It is really fun, because I have days when I will go from a coffee shop to a local clothing store," he said. "It keeps me hoping from small place to small place," he said.

Bike shops across Denton said they've seen an increase in customers in the past few weeks. Spring weather may play a part, but rising gas prices also have people trading in four wheels for two, they said.

Biking frees up gas money, Scaggs said.

"A few years ago, when we paid $4 a gallon on gas, we had people who looked like they hadn't ridden a bike in 20 years coming out to get their bikes fixed," he said.

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