Cyclists Raise Enough Money to Save Frisco Velodrome

Cycling is a huge sport in North Texas.

So it was disappointing when it was announced in December that the only outdoor track in the area was coming down.

The Frisco Superdrome, located on the campus of Collin College, seemed doomed.

But an unexpected, final-hour twist has saved the track.

Ryan Crissey is a long-time cycler who has trained at the Superdrome for years. It’s one of about 25 velodromes left in the U.S. They allow cyclers to ride at speeds upwards of 50 miles per hour.

“I train on that track and ride on that track regularly. It’s a big part of who I am as a cyclist,” Crissey said.

Crissey said he was devastated when he learned the SuperDrome was set to be demolished.

"The decision will open the door for Collin College to repurpose the 5.5-acre site to accommodate growth occurring at its Preston Ridge Campus, where the Superdrome is located," read a December news release issued by the city of Frisco and Collin College.

The track was auctioned off a few weeks ago to a drag strip in Oklahoma.

Crissey said all the drag strip wants are the stands and the lights.

“They did not want the track structure itself and they were going to sell it for scrap,” Crissey said.

In a matter of hours cyclists across north Texas hit high gear, collecting the $15,000 needed to salvage the Superdrome.

“Every emotion you can imagine,” Crissey said.

Where the track will go next is anybody's guess.

For now, Crissey says the biggest hurdle is behind them because they took charge at a time it mattered most.

“What I’d really love to see is this be the home track for that next child that grows up racing on it and becomes and Olympic gold medalist,” Crissey said.

Cyclists will begin dismantling the Superdrome starting next week.

Pieces of the track will stay in storage until its new owners can find a new home for it.

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