North Texas

Crooks Use Phony Romances to Trick You Out of Your Money

Agencies around North Texas are joining forces to warn singles and seniors to protect themselves this Valentine's Day.

Investigators from Better Business Bureau offices in five states worked together to look at the tactics being used to make you fall in love online.

If you want to find true love and haven't, Valentine's Day can be a drag.

Crooks capitalize on this, using fake photos and promising love but then, someway or another they ask you to buy them a plane ticket to visit or wire them money, some tactic to get you to get them cash.

The Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Postal Service, Better Business Bureau and AARP all joined together to warn you how these people you think are the loves of your life can be one of your biggest disappointments.

"They take their time, they break you, they may even send you gifts, but they can't meet you, because they're in the military or international business. For whatever reason they can't meet you," warned Cosme Ojeda, with the Better Business Bureau.

"The scam artists give small gifts or tokens of their love, and in turn very quickly are asking for funds," said Dama Brown, of the Federal Trade Commission.

Here's how you protect yourself: Don't send money to someone you met online and haven't met in person, especially if the person claims to be overseas.

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