Cowboys Help Fans Find Path of Least Resistance to Stadium

Not sure which route to take? Cowboys have the answer

Parking and traffic around the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington is sure to be a nightmare, so stadium officials have launched a new Web site. is a souped-up traffic site that allows you to plot the best route to the stadium. You put in your originating zip code and pick a parking lot, with the site taking into account lane closures and construction projects.

The Web site went up for the George Strait concert June 6.

"We urge all guests to use directions from this site when planning a route to Cowboys Stadium,” said Brett Daniels, of the Dallas Cowboys Football Club. "Our traffic routes may seem like a slightly longer distance but you will get here sooner. We have been developing the traffic plan for two years, and we are confident it will make the door-to-door experience as stress-free as possible."

With several routes into the entertainment district, the Cowboys say the site will be more reliable than mapping Web sites and GPS systems that don't have the latest information on construction in the area. Some traffic will be rerouted for just a few hours during events. will also include event departure maps and directions.

Both the city of Arlington and the city of Grand Prairie are adjusting traffic signal timing to accommodate the Web site routes to avoid delays.

The Cowboys say people should still leave early and be patient, and traffic planners encourage everyone to carpool as much as possible.

"Put a few more people in the car (and) have a happier time as you go," said Michael Morris, traffic director for the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

People who live, work and shop in the area around the stadium should also plan for delays during games and other events.

"It's going to be slower than usual, obviously," said Judd Heflin, of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Web site will also update regularly as construction is completed and new lanes open.

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