Cowboys Players Serve Early Thanksgiving Meals at the Salvation Army

Fans at the Salvation Army enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal.

Less than 24 hours after winning their eighth straight game and securing the best record in the NFL, the Cowboys gave thanks.

The players helped serve early Thanksgiving meals to fans in need at two Salvation Army locations on Monday. Veteran players served at a facility in Dallas, while the rookies gave their time at a center in Fort Worth.

It's an annual tradition for the Cowboys and an event that everyone treasures.

"Every year they come together and give us this fine meal, and these guys and share their time with us. That's a beautiful thing," said Cowboys fan Steven Brown.

"There's so much more than going out there and just playing football. To have an opportunity to give back and lift people's spirits, that's what it's all about," Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten said at the Dallas event.

"It's good to use our platform for a greater purpose like this," Quarterback Dak Prescott added in Fort Worth. "Helping this community, coming and giving them an early Thanksgiving dinner. It's a special moment."

Standout running back Ezekiel Elliott got up close with one of his youngest fans, scooping up a three-month old baby in the Fort Worth center's cafeteria. The baby's mother, Madison Malloy, is in rehab there and says the players' visit is a boost she needed.

"It feels like they actually care about the community and about giving back and showing support," said Malloy.

"They're actually in the midst of us, serving us, signing autographs, giving us iced tea!" Frankie Hatton added. "A football player gave me iced tea!"

The players served hundreds of meals and the Jones family donated a painting to the facility's chapel in Dallas.

Linebacker Jaylon Smith said he feels at home with the fans who root him on every week.

"It's something that we always yearn for, giving back to our community," Smith said. "It's about togetherness here in Dallas and it's always great when you win."

And there is that winning streak, extended Sunday to 8-1!

Crowned the Cowboys' starting QB, Dak Prescott has a lot to be thankful for this year.

"We take a lot of pride in playing for this organization and it's a privilege to just come in and be thankful and give everything we've got every day," said Prescott.

The Cowboys are also proud to have such a deep and impactful connection with the Salvation Army.

"We're going on 20 years with the Salvation Army. It's certainly meant a lot personally to my family," said Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Anderson. It's meant a lot to the Dallas Cowboys, and I think over the years that relationship has continued to go grow and I think we get to see the fruits of that labor and how many people we've been able to reach through the Salvation Army."

With Thanksgiving feasts just around the corner, there's one more thing NBC 5 had to know. What meat would the players add to that Thanksgiving staple the turducken?

"To the what??" said Elliott.

It's the combination roast of a turkey, a duck, and a chicken.

"Probably, probably some goat," Smith said. "I had it when I was in South Africa a couple of years ago and it's amazing."

So whatever your Thanksgiving table holds, here's hoping your food-coma dreams come true.

"We're gonna be in the Super Bowl," said Cowboys fan Milton Shipp.

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